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About Dr. Ashish Singh

BDS, MDS, and Ongoing PhD in Regenerative DentistryEntrepreneur

CEO of Dentomax chain | Cosmetic surgeon | Perioplastic Surgeon

NATIONAL AWARD WINNER.Nominated for पद्म श्री award

BDS, MDS, and Ongoing PhD in Regenerative Dentistry:

Embarking on a journey of transformative dentistry, Dr. Ashish Singh stands as a luminary in the field, adorned with a spectrum of accolades and achievements. Dr. Singh’s quest for knowledge extends to the frontiers of regenerative dentistry, where he is currently immersed in a Ph.D.

International Recognition:

Leading the Way as an International Facial Aesthetics Mentor

Innovative Inventor: ABS Gingival Elevator Pioneer and Tooth Reimplant Modification Expert

As the inventor of the ABS Gingival Elevator, a patented instrument revolutionizing perioplastic surgery, and the innovator behind tooth reimplant modification procedures, Dr. Singh has left an indelible mark on the landscape of dental innovation.