dr ashish singh

Dr Swapnil Bumb

PGD Clin. Derm. (Wales, UK), D. DERM, MPH (South America), MSc, MFA, FIFA, MBA

Ceo of dentomax chain

Cosmetic surgeon | Perioplastic Surgeon
Nominated for पद्म श्री award.”

Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh, CEO of Dentomax, a chain of cosmetic centers, runs a progressive campaign. The campaign provides aesthetic treatment to acid attack victims, especially to girls below 10 years of age. With the aim to restore their natural beauty. He provides successful hair transplant, ear transplant, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and face surgery treatments. He also aims to make India free from recession and gum disease.

India certainly has the most acid attacks cases. With rising cases from West Bengal, Bihar, Telangana to the rest of the country, India makes the world’s number one with the least acid attack assailant convictions. The majority of acid attack victims in India are women between 18-22 years of age.