Advanced Laser Cosmetology Course

Course Description

There is a growing international demand for cosmetology trained professionals and through this course, you will gain all knowledge to cater to the patient’s needs, more effectively. The knowledge gained will bridge those gaps to reduce complications and improve clinical outcomes leading to better patient care


Lectures + Live Demo + Hands-on

A) Cutaneous Peels
B) Microdermabrasion/ Skin Polishing
C) Fillers

Lectures + Live Demo + Hands-on

Laser Basics

A) Lasers for Hair Reduction

B) Lasers for Cutaneous Resurfacing/ Acne Scars

C) Lasers for Pigmented Skin Lesions

D) Lasers for Vascular Skin Lesions

Lectures + Live Demo+ Hands-on

Anti-aging and Skin Tightening

B) RF Micro-needling

Lectures + Live Demo + Hands-on

A) Active Acne Management

B) Acne Scar Treatment

C) Tatoo Removal

D) Birth-mark Removal