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Dentomax Academy subcentre of Delhi Institute of Healthcare and Research !

Dentomax Academy subcentre of Delhi Institute of Healthcare and Research is one of the pioneering and prestigious institutes serving the educational cause and the unique needs of the professionals in the industry. We received our accreditation soon after we were founded. Dentomax Academy is offering admissions and career counseling in the fast-paced Facial Aesthetics Surgery Industry. We provide the best counseling and best possible admission guidance to the aspirants. We are an authorized admission and counseling center for various universities recognized by, HRD, AIU, UGC, AICTE, DEC & the government of India.


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Our Faculty

The faculty is fully committed to impart quality education by investing all its skills and knowledge. The uniqueness of our curriculum and various programs lies in promoting a strong passion in the students for all-around excellence with perfection

Our Commitment

We have been established with a commitment to bring higher education to rural India and to provide object-oriented education Internationally trainer providing an updated level of training, keeping in view, the emerging industrial and business opportunities globally.

Our Vision

To become the world’s most recognized online academy where medical and dental professionals can learn and teach the proper knowledge and skills to contribute to the global advancement of care and quality in the field of aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery.

Our Mission

To provide a single platform for medical and dental professionals to learn, develop, connect, network, and teach aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery through the most globally accessible and interactive social learning management system available.


Quality Driven: We drive member success by setting the highest standards for quality education, development, and support. Responsibility, We are responsible for contributing to the advancement of quality and care in the field of aesthetic medicine, dental aesthetics, and cosmetic surgery.

Why Dentomax International Academy?

  • Full support after the course.
  • Internationally trainers providing an updated level of training.
  • A complete patient’s hands-on experience.
  • Conducted more than 600+ workshops on dentofacial aesthetics and other specialties.
  • More than 50+ publications in facial aesthetics.
  • 2000+ clinicians trained under the banner of the Dentomax International Academy.
  • All study material by the academy.
  • Only facial aesthetics course that includes a whole variety of combination therapies all holistic approaches for you to start practicing from the next day.
  • Certification to every participant.

Our exclusive education centers

Our exclusive education centers offer top-notch facilities and experienced teachers to give you the best education possible. Get ahead of the competition by visiting us today.